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Birthday Parties / Children's parties


Fancy a party? KOFFIE en KIND offers an ideal location where parents and children can celebrate a happy birthday. There are plenty of toys, outdoor play area, a CD player and a kitchen at your disposal. The hostess of KOFFIE en KIND provides assistance where needed and does the cleaning after the party.



KOFFIE en KIND can accommodate 50 people, including children.


Private hire of KOFFIE en KIND; € 150, - excl. drinks.

Prices for coffee / tea / soft drinks see website / information

It is not permitted to bring your own drinks.


For parties of more than 25 adults;

1 extra hostess is necessary, additional cost € 65.


The policy of KOFFIE en KIND is not to serve alcohol.



Extras :

Cake decorating  € 20, -   (8 children)

Baking bread   € 20, -  (8 children)

Face painting   € 40, -    2 hours

Balloons and Flags  € 30, -


If you would like to make a booking,

send an email to info@koffieenkind.nl



- The date of the party

- The time

- The name / age of the birthday

- The expected number of guests

   (adults / children)

- Your phone number







Cake and Delicious

It is possible to bring your own cake, pastries, nuts and other food. It will be useful to bring your own paper plates / cutlery and napkins! We can also provide catering.



Saturday / Sunday

Session: 10.00 - 13.00 or

Session: 14.00 - 17.00.



Bank account 2496533, The Hague

Indicating date of the party and time of day.


Zelf bakken
Verjaardagstaart met kaarsjes

KOFFIE en KIND is a meeting place for parents and their children from the ages 0 up until around 4. It’s a place where you can play and explore together.