We are closed for the Spring Holiday from Monday April 29th till Friday May 10th 2024.

Koffie en Kind, binnenspelen
Koffie en Kind, cadeau- en strippenkaart


Throughout the year there are various activities held at KOFFIE & KIND.
Most activities are costless for example baking bread, crafts, reading to children or when puppet theatre is visiting us.


There are also held workshop given by professionals like, First Aid to little children, music – and dans classes.
With these workshops including entrance at KOFFIE & KIND cost are involved.

By means of a monthly newsletter we will keep you informed about what will be going on.

Newsletter April 2024

Music class Laan van Poot 38

Fanni Szekely is a vibrant personality who loves taking children on a journey int the world of sound and music. With great joy she sings and plays het ukelel .Dancing, playing and especially singen together makes het lessons a celebration every time.

Wednesday’s 17/24 April and 15/22/29 May

Time: 09:00-09:45 Dutch

Time: 10:00-10:45 English

Cost: 5 lessons 62,50 or per class € 15,- incl. playtime at KOFFIE en KIND.

Please sign up by email info@koffieenkind.nl with notification time slot.

Baking bread location Schelpkade 44

Every Friday of the month April, children can play, roll, knead in dough. Decorating your own bun  with seeds, how exciting! Time slot: between 10:00 and 11:30. You don’t have to sign up for this activity.

Spring Holiday

Both venue’s  are closed for the Spring Holiday from Monday April 29th till Friday  10th of May 2024.

We are looking for an student/colleague who like to work half day in the weekend for

hosting birthday parties. Are you interested? send a email to: info@koffieenkind.nl