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Koffie en Kind, binnenspelen
Koffie en Kind, cadeau- en strippenkaart


Throughout the year there are various activities held at KOFFIE & KIND.
Most activities are costless for example baking bread, crafts, reading to children or when puppet theatre is visiting us.


There are also held workshop given by professionals like, First Aid to little children, music – and dans classes.
With these workshops including entrance at KOFFIE & KIND cost are involved.

By means of a monthly newsletter we will keep you informed about what will be going on.


Christmas holidays

KOFFIE en KIND is closed for the Christmas holidays.  24  December till Januari 9th.


For her education Zorg en Welzijn invites our trainee the children for an activity workshop Facepaint, making crafts, reading or painting. These activities are on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday and Friday’s from ±10:00 to ±11:00.


We have no idea what this winter is going to bring KOFFIE en KIND regarding Corona. Problems with staff or otherwise, we will keep you informed through Website, Facebook or Insta.

Spring holiday

We are closed from Februari 25th till March 5th 2023.


KOFFIE & KIND is looking for a host.

Do you have a passion for people and coffee? Then working at KOFFIE & KIND is the place to work! If you like to work at KOFFIE & KIND send an email  with your motivation and CV and we will invite you for a meeting.